TikTok's Virat Kohli leaves people confused Photo: TikTok/ Amit Yadav and Instagram/ Virat Kohli

The Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok is a sensation. The app with millions of followers is such a hit because it has given a lot of commoners access to fame.

People have become celebrities on TikTok for a lot of reasons. For making hilarious videos to looking like a celebrity, anything on TikTok can make you a star. However, celebrity lookalikes are really common on the app and have the biggest fan base.

A lot of lookalikes of Virat Kohli have gained fame for the same reason on TikTok. Amit Yadav is the new face that has surfaced as the doppelganger of Virat Kohli. The resemblance between the two is so uncanny that it has left the Internet wondering.

Yadav recently shared a video of him casually walking through Connaught Place in New Delhi and he actually looks quite a lot like the captain of the Indian cricket team.

The video garnered over 420.5k likes and has more than 700 comments. People are calling him the first copy of Virat Kohli.

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