Disclaimer: Grab a jar of your creamy, hazelnutty Nutella before you start reading this folks, we’re sure you’re going to crave it really badly after reading this.

Would you believe me if told you that the lords of chocolate have finally answered our prayers from their chocoholic paradise? 

We have some Nutella filled tea that will make your mid-week blues sweater with a crispy crunch of hazelnut.  

So, Nutella has officially announced the inauguration of Hotela Nutella in Napa Valley. This will be a themed hotel for people who love all things Nutella. 

 Imagine a hotel with the ionic decorative jars of Nutella, with Nutella-themed bedding and furniture AND OMG THE FOOD. The exclusive breakfast menu with dishes made of Nutella.

Dedicated to serve you with the best relaxing, chocolatey, sinful weekend of all times, the hotel is set to launch in January 2020, but there’s a catch.

The pop-up hotel will only open for ONE weekend i.e on the 11th-12th of January. Yup, I’m telling you that it is literally like the chocolatey oasis of your dreams that’ll disapper within two days. 

Happy Amy Poehler GIF

So we’re assuming that you either have to wait to get Willy Wonka’s golden ticket or you have to be as rich as Willy Wonka to afford this luxuriously relaxing stay. 

But well, if you’re a millennial and your as broke as I am, we’ll just have to sit with a jar of Nutella with our phones and gaze at this eye-candy.  BRB, taking a Nutella snack break at work.

The only catch – you have to enter to win, as it is only open for one weekend.

Three lucky winners and their plus ones will then be able to stay in the chocolatey hotel for three days.

Guests will walk up a road lined with Nutella jars, before walking through an archway shaped like a bottle.

Once inside, the bedroom will feature croissant shaped pillows as well as Nutella wallpaper and decor.

A stay at the Nutella hotel wouldn’t be right without sampling the hazelnut spread.

A ‘breakfast-dinner’ run by Food Network chef Geoffrey Zakarian will be on offer, as well as a savoury Southern brunch with Tanya Holland.

Pancake artists Dancakes will also show you how to do pancake art – using the chocolatey spread.

To win a two-night stay at the hotel, you need to send a 60-second video reflecting your passion for Nutella at breakfast.

You also need to be from the US, and enter by December 8.

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