Have you ever been to a party where the presentation of food was so goddamn beautiful that you almost felt guilty for eating it? Perhaps a mind-blowing designer cake that looked utterly delicious, but also worthy of preserving for the sake of amazing art. You know what I am talking about, right?

Well, here are some food art pictures that are so stunning, you won’t have the heart to eat them no matter how hungry you are. 

1. A blend of food and love! Amazing, right?

2. You are looking at a smoothie bowl. 

3. Fruit carvings for your food cravings! 

4. Looks so real, doesn’t it?

5. Ever thought veggies could take this form?!

6. Mickey love on food plates! 

7. How cute are these edible minions!

8. Seems like food and art are a perfect blend.

9. How can one eat these?

10. A castle to start your day!

11. That’s watermelon art, you guys.

12. Can you make this onion salad?

13. Bright sunny day for breakfast. But wait, I don’t wanna ruin this.

14. Orange is the new cute food.

15. A latte to go. I’d feel so guilty for having this. 

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