Entertainer Mahira Sharma, who was as of late observed as one of the competitors in Bigg Boss 13 has landed herself in an immense discussion. The on-screen character has been blamed by the coordinators for Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival of manufacturing an authentication of increase by the board of trustees.

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Mahira Sharma, who was a participant of this occasion, posted an Instagram story on twentieth February 2020 at around 11:30 pm displaying that she has gotten a declaration of thankfulness at the DPIFF grant service for being “The Most Fashionable Contestant Of Bigg Boss 13.” From then on, this story has been duplicated and reposted by the fan pages on Instagram alongside various media houses who have posted this as news on their sites.

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Notwithstanding, DPIFF’s legitimate group gave an open explanation saying this said endorsement of thankfulness has not been given by any colleague of DPIFF group or the partners engaged with the occasion and thus is viewed as fashioned.

The announcement stated, “This corrupt and disagreeable endeavor by Mahira Sharma to pick up exposure and individual advantages by falsifying a very presumed grant and exhibiting her name on to an adulterated class has made an irreversible harm to the brand’s picture and notoriety. Likewise, to promote the harm, various media houses and sites have distributed this as news on their sites and online journals without checking the source and its realness. These online journals are exhibiting the individual in-concern holding the endorsement with her name over the adulterated classification and are praising her for winning this title.”

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The DPIFF’s group gave an Intimation letter of such act to Mahira Sharma requesting to bring down all the deceptive PR exercises done by her and her group and have requested that her offer a composed open statement of regret to the brand inside the following 48 hours. Neglecting to do so will bring about lawful procedures against her and all the others associated with planning of such implied story and testament.

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