Gujarat Schools to Ban Junk Food: Gujarat Government is planning to band junk food in and around Schools in the state as per the latest update. The decision from the state government comes as part of its on-going campaign to promote healthy food habits among young students. As per the details quoted in the media report, Gujarat Government is planning to band sale of junk food in and around schools, upto a radius of 50 meters. The decision is expected to encourage young students to develop and follow healthy food habits.

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Decision Based on FSSAI Recommendations

The decision to ban sale of Junk Food in and around Schools based in the state has been taken by the government following the recommendations made by FSSAI. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recommended several steps and proposed ban on sale of food which is high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) in schools. In line with this, the Gujarat Government is formulating a policy which will ban sale of Junk Food on school campuses.

Ban to Fight Obesity and Other Diseases

Sharing details about the plan that is still being developed by the state government, Commissioner of Food Safety and Food and Drug Control Administration H G Koshia said that once in place, the rules will ban sale of junk food in school canteens as well as within the 50 meter radius of the schools. He also added that apart from this, advertisements of junk foods and other such products will also be banned in this area, making it completely in line with the FSSAI guidelines. He further added that Junk Food has led to problems such as Obesity and many other health problems and diseases among the students. Ban on sale of Junk Food will help sheild students against the risk and also sensitize them towards the ill-effects of junk food on their body.

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