As much as we wish to see a better world, instances of human cruelty have become so common that we have little hope left. 

Just like this incident where a poor street dog, Ram, was mercilessly beaten by the guards of a housing society when he entered the society looking for food. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of animal rights activists, Ram succumbed to his injuries earlier today. 

Animal rights activist and volunteer Meenakshi Rajagopalan brought attention to the incident when she posted about it on her social media. 

Ram entered a society, Uniworld Gardens 2, at Sohna Road, Gurgaon, looking for food. However, he was allegedly ‘beaten to a pulp’ by the guards of the society and buried alive. 

A volunteer rushed to dig him out and took him for medical treatment. Meenakshi raised awareness about the incident, while asking for prayers and financial assistance for Ram’s treatment. 

Though Ram seemed to do better for a little while, he ultimately could not be saved and succumbed to his injuries. 

An FIR has been registered against the culprits and we hope that the culprits behind this disgraceful act are caught and at least, justice can prevail. 

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