Say goodbye to capris from years past. Take a look at ankle pants and cropped pants to add to your wardrobe. Perfect for the casual office, evening parties with friends or that Friday night date.

We just love these dual purpose clothes that we go from office when paired with sleek heels, or night out.

If they follow the natural leg line they will look much better. If you like the look of wide trousers (I do) then go for a full leg, but for cropped pants and capris I stay to a very tight leg line.

Petra (below) keeps her cropped pants close to her leg line for a slimming effect. She also chooses shoes which are similar in color to her pants, which helps to make her legs look longer.

You either hate or adore cropped pants. I am the one who loves them! Why? I simply adore the way these capris trousers look. You can create so many fabulous outfits by adding basic tees, fitted jackets, relaxed tunics, blouses, as well as cardigans on. In this blog post, I gathered my favorite street style pictures of young ladies and women who appear in beautifully cropped trousers. Just take a close up look at the cut above the ankle bottoms and the balanced silhouette that makes you look special and unique. Sure, they interrupt your silhouette and can make your legs look stubby, but everything depends on the way you gonna style them. Cropped pants can look modern, slim, chic and summery fresh.

We see shortened A-line T-shirt paired with black high-waisted shortened pants styled with black sandals with white heels.

It’s all about finding the right pair that can ideally flatter your body and match favorite tops. Speaking of length, then I do not recommend to wear capris that end at mid-calf. This will make your legs look unflattering. I advise to choose the ones that end between your calf and the ankle. I do not recommend to wear wide leg capris as they gonna make you look stubby. I do like to see ladies in tapered or straight leg cropped trousers. Avoid wearing flat shoes if you are short legged, always choose heels that will elongate your legs and make you look lean. My personal favorites are nude color pumps. Speaking of the color of cropped pants, then I recommend to stick to neutral hues, like black, white, gray or navy, but you can always accent your look with bright and vivid colors. Scroll down to see my favorite street style images featuring cropped trousers.

If there ever was a tricky trend, wide cropped pants are it. They end above the ankle; they’re voluminous, and although they look fabulous on the runway, they can be pretty intimidating to wear in real life.

The worry is that unless you are a tall skinny-minny, cropped pants are going to make you look dumpy and as wide as a house. How do you wrap your head around this new trend and make them work for you? Here are five style tips to look fabulous in wide-leg cropped pants.

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