We come across some of the most astonishingly beautiful people on various media platforms, be it TV, billboards, magazines, or social media. And while no one is really complaining here, the urge to compare ourselves to them can often be overwhelming.

Thankfully, quite a lot of such Instagram celebs and models have now started a trend of body positivity through their social media channels. They share how achieving that perfect look for media outlets takes a lot of planning and effort, and also educate us on the use of photoshop, great camera angles, lighting, stressful workout regimens and an even stricter diet that helps them achieve that perfect look.

In fact, if you saw one of the successful Instagram models on your street, you probably wouldn’t even recognize them! In this article, we have compiled a list of such fifteen Instagram models who look starkly different in reality.


If you look at this photo set, you’d come to realize that even the fittest looking people don’t actually have well-toned abs all the time, and possibly have some sort of hormone fluctuations, intolerance of some food items, or irritable bowel syndrome that lead to a bloated-looking belly.


Laura Ivette is not only an Instagram model, but also a molecular technologist. And when she leaves for work, she rarely wears any makeup and gives up the glam look completely. What she does wear is a pair of flat shoes, some comfy clothes, and her glasses!


Hailey Bettencourt often sports those killer abs, but in this picture set, you can see that puffy tummy – a result of eating a rich-carb diet. We all have quite similar bodies, and having a puffed-up tummy is nothing abnormal.


Dulce is a perfect example of how a person should be – humble and grounded. She starts off most of her YouTube tutorial videos without having any makeup on, in order to convey to her YouTube followers that one can be beautiful irrespective of whether or not they’re wearing any makeup.


Jess King explains how one can simply adjust the bottoms of the swimwear and stand in a different stance, it gives a completely new and slimmer look altogether – instantly.


Another popular YouTube makeup tutorial star, Nikki often makes no use of makeup on her face to show her viewers and followers that while using cosmetics can be fun, using it doesn’t mean that there is something inherently wrong with our bodies or faces.


Rachel is a perfect role model for people who find flaws in their bodies. This Instagram star often encourages self-love and motivates people to accept their bodies as they are. In this picture set, she shows how a simple change in the posture can make you look a lot slimmer.


Milly Smith is an inspiration for those who have any sort of eating disorder and want to look better. In this set of photos, she shares how one can look slimmer by picking the right clothes and altering the stance while clicking pictures. Thus, it isn’t always the diet that can make you look good, a simple camera trick can work wonders as well!


Jess is a plus-size model from Australia show, who shares how standing a bit differently can make one’s belly and legs look a lot slimmer than they actually are. The model often encourages her followers to love their bodies and not to find silly flaws.


Lighting, posture and camera angles play a very important role in capturing that perfect photograph. This is what this famous Instagram model revealed through this picture set, where you can see how the muscle tone and body shape are affected by the camera angle and lighting, and how her legs actually splay out while she is sitting – much as it happens with any other normal person.


Sara is a vegan fitness enthusiast who loves sharing picture sets where she shows the magic of camera angles and right poses to drive home the point that no one is as perfect as they look on Instagram. You can see how in one photo she flaunts clear, well-defined abs along with great booty, whereas in the photo right next to it, you can actually see her belly all puffed-up and her butt looking flat.


Jen looks perfect in her Instagram posts, but in a recent post, she shared how one shouldn’t always strive for perfection in terms of bodily features. In this picture set, she shares how even she gets belly fat rolls the moment she sits down.


Anna Victoria is a certified trainer and often posts picture sets where she shows how even the fitness trainers don’t actually have a perfect figure all the time. This goes on to show that one should learn to accept their body and aim for realistic goals.


Iskra shared in one of her recent videos that most of the models like her use the camera angles and right body postures to their advantage and end up looking slimmer instantly. This is the only magic that can make one’s arms, legs, tummy, and face look thinner instantly!


Ashlie is a fitness model who often shares picture sets of herself having the perfect looking body and the adjacent one revealing the actual look – the one how her body looks usually. As you can see, when she is not flexing and not using those perfect camera angles, her tummy loosens up and she looks like of anyone of us!

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