Everyone understands the beauty in their own way: some people like Marilyn Monroe and some prefer Kate Moss. But everyone is on the same page when it comes to children’s beauty. Their cheeks, long eyelashes and wide eyes can melt even the coldest of hearts.

Graylee Mae, 3 years old (USA)

Graylee is the oldest daughter of an American football player, Lance Moore. She got her amazing appearance from her mother. The girl has already done several children’s clothing commercials. Graylee and her sister’s photos regularly appear on their mother’s Instagram page and receive a lot of comments.

Violetta Antonova, 5 years old (Russia)

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Продолжение нашей истории с детским садом ⠀ Ставьте❤ и читайте, что же сказала нам воспитательница⬇ ⠀ Наверняка каждую маму волнует, чем будут кормить ее ребёнка в саду. Тем более, если у детей обнаружена непереносимость или аллергическая реакция на определенные продукты. ⠀ Виолетта с раннего детства ест только молочные продукты из козьего молока, потому что у неё аллергия на белок коровьего молока. Об этом я спокойно сообщила воспитателю, поинтересовавшись, что будет кушать мой ребёнок, если ей, к примеру, нельзя завтракать молочной кашей? ⠀ — Чай будет пить ваш ребёнок, – с ухмылкой и возмущением в голосе ответила она. Воспитательнице не только не понравился мой вопрос, он ее разозлил и даже взбесил! ⠀ Ну ясно все с вами, дальше диалог вести бессмысленно. В этом садике может пошатнуться как здоровье, так и детская психика🤨 ⠀ Выглядело бы это примерно так: «Не хочешь есть кашу — сиди тихо и пей чаёк»😨 ⠀ Нет, я уж лучше займусь развитием ребёнка самостоятельно, буду возить ее на разные развивалки и кружки. И спокойно спать, зная, что с дочкой все в порядке. ⠀ Ведь что может быть важнее для мамы, чем здоровья, розовые щечки и улыбка своего маленького ангелочка🥰👩‍❤️‍👩 ⠀ ⁉️А у ваших детей была в детстве аллергия? ⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Фотограф @tatianatsareva Стилист @anloginova_makeup Платье @mama_odnoy_devochki

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Violetta is only 4 years old and she has already done several fashion shows and has been included in commercials for children’s clothing. She has an older brother who is also aspiring to be a model. Violetta loves being on stage and in the spotlight. The girl has her own Instagram page and her mother posts a lot about her there.

Arisha Lebedeva, 5 years old (Russia)

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Arisha is the daughter of Elena Perminova, a famous model. Since a very young age, she followed in the footsteps of her mother. Arisha often appears in magazines and every photo of the girl posted on Instagram is followed by a lot of positive comments.

Jare Ijalana, 6 years old (Nigeria)

Jare became famous pretty much by accident: a Nigerian photographer named Mofe Bamuyiwa took a few pictures of the girl for his project and posted them online. The photos went viral right away and the girl became famous. Jare has 2 older sisters who also work as models.

Liza Tolmacheva, 6 years old (Russia)

Young Lisa’s long, blonde hair and big blue eyes impress everyone. The girl loves dancing, singing, and acting. Lisa has just started her path in the fashion industry: she takes part in different shows, competitions, and does photo shoots for catalogs.

Cooper Lunde, 6 years old (South Korea)

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Some more great work from @photographer_cho.sm

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Thanks to his piercing looks and long eyelashes, Cooper became one of the most popular children in South Korea. He has over 250,000 subscribers on his Instagram account. You can see the boy in commercials for children’s clothing and on the covers of fashion magazines.

Jordyn Reinle, 7 years old (USA)

The girl is only 7 years old and she is already one of the most popular models in the US! Jordyn regularly appears on runways and works with big American brands such as Simplicity Patterns, The Children’s Place, and Kidpik.

Keeike, 7 years old (USA)

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Obsessed with these trolls 💙

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With curly hair and a cute smile, the young Keeike looks a lot like a doll. The girl speaks 2 languages: English, and French. Despite her young age, Keeike has a contract with a modeling agency called V. Pirratte Agency. The girl regularly appears on magazine covers, she promotes clothing, and 100,000 people on social media are interested in her life.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose, 8 years old (USA)

The girls became famous after their mother started publishing the pictures of her daughters on social media. The sisters caught the attention of a modeling agency and were offered a contract. The girls love to swim, dance, and enjoy being in the spotlight.

Anna Pavaga, 9 years old (Russia)

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Since the age of 4, Anna has been taking part in children’s clothing commercials as well as ads for toys and sporting goods. She also tried herself at acting: you can see her in music video clips and even movies. Anna also does ballet, gymnastics, and loves drawing.

Alisa Samsonova, 12 years old (Russia)

Alisa is 12 years old and she has already worked with huge brands like Armani Junior, Monnalisa, Mischka Aoki, and Liu Jo. In her free time, the girl is interested in rhythmic gymnastics and arithmetic.

Sofiya Razuvaeva, 12 years old (Russia)

12-year-old Sofia is often compared to Natalia Vodianova. The girl does photo shoots for magazines and catalogs, takes part in TV-shows, has Instagram and YouTube blogs, and also does dancing, singing, and acting.

Lara and Mara Bawar, 12 years old (Brazil)

Lara and Mara have a rare genetic mutation: their skin and hair have no pigment at all. The girls are active in different projects along with their older sister. When Lara and Mara were little girls, they took part in Nike, Bazaar Kids, and Insanis campaigns. The Bawar sisters are trying to make the topic of albino people less taboo and attract attention to the problems in African countries.

Meika Woollard, 14 years old (Australia)

Meika started working as a model at the age of 3 and since then the girl has been the face of almost all big brands of children’s goods in Australia. She has done several short films and music videos.

Jade Weber, 14 years old (USA)

Jade became a model accidentally: the girl was noticed by a photographer who suggested her mother take the girl to a modeling agency. One of the first serious jobs that Jade did was a photo shoot for H&M and Vogue Italia. Aside from the modeling business, the girl does music videos and stars in movies.

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