Spend evenings with your family and friends over a built-in grill-table chatting and eating delicious food, or chill in your own garden igloo with a cup of coffee. Just a few tricks and your backyard will become your favorite place on Earth. So, if you have a small plot of land and want to make the best of it, you will find some game changing ideas on our list.

1. Built-in grill table: You can sit, cook, smell the food, eat, and talk at the same time.

15 Patio Ideas That Will Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

2. Hanging zome: It’s a sunny day and the birds are chirping, grab some coffee and just relax in the fresh air.

3. Outdoor movie screen: Toss blankets and pillows around, call your fam and friends, make fresh popcorn right before they come, and you are ready for a movie night.

Globe String Lights | Pottery Barn

4. Living green wall: It traps dust, reduces noise levels, generates oxygen, and just looks awesome.

5. Hanging warm light bulbs to set the mood

6. Rain curtain: The sound of water falling has a soothing effect and improves sleep.

7. Mason jar oil lamps: They are easy to make, safer than candles, bright, and long-lasting.

8. A fire pit can be a piece of art too.

15 Patio Ideas That Will Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

9. Electricity-free, eco-friendly, luminescent pebbles

10. Swedish fire torch: You can easily make a fire pit out of a log to keep yourself warm and make fresh s’mores.

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11. This stump is a stool, a table, and a piece of mood lighting decor all at the same time.

12. Tent and low center table: Put the tent up for your kids with a TV inside and make some fresh popcorn. Throw blankets around and put a table inside, cook delicious food and have fun with your friends, while the kids have fun with theirs.

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13. Pergola + Wisteria vines: Wisteria grows fast. They will become one with the pergola and create a nice shade and aroma.

14. Clay oven: Make fresh crispy bread, pizza, pastries, and fall-off-the-bone meat.

15 Patio Ideas That Will Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

15. Garden igloo: It creates nice, cool shade in summer and turns into a warm sanctuary in the winter.

Bonus: This innovative beehive makes it possible to harvest honey without disturbing the bees. You will have your own natural honey right from your garden.

Which one would you use to transform your backyard?

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