When we look up at the stars, it reminds us that everything on Earth exists on a huge space rock that is rotating and revolving across the infinite black void. Unfortunately, earthly concerns like work, dinner, and sleep are the routine activities that tend to keep us busy. But, luckily, many people do take some time out to appreciate nature and are talented enough to mesmerize us and remind us of our cosmic existence.

1. The Last of Us 2.0 by David Ros Garcia (Spain)

2. Flower Power by Brandon Yoshizawa (USA)

3. Galactic Lighthouse by Ruslan Merzlyakov (Latvia)

4. Deep in the heart of Mordor by Andrew Campbell (Australia)

5. Road to glory by Nicolai Brügger (Germany)

6. Shells of Elliptical Galaxy NGC 3923 in Hydra by Rolf Wahl Olsen (Denmark)

20 Dazzling Photos From an Astronomy Photo Contest 2019 That Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

7. A Few Fireworks by Alan Friedman (USA)

8. The Remnants by Marcin Zajac (Poland)

9. Gum 12 by Eddie Trimarchi (Australia)

10. Embrace of the mountains, the heart of the universe! by Majid Ghohroodi (Iran)

11. Ben, Floyd, and the Core by Ben Bush (UK)

12. Moon Eclipse over Mount Etna by Alessia Scarso, Film Director and Astrophotographer

20 Dazzling Photos From an Astronomy Photo Contest 2019 That Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

Alessia Scarso is a renowned film director and astrophotographer who has worked with many journalists, producers, and directors. She specializes in making investigative documentaries, special reports, commercials, and inquiries for official publicity campaigns.

13. Triple Green Flash by Juan-Carlos Munoz-Mateos

14. At the Edge of Forever by William Vrbasso (Australia)

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15. Mars above the Keck Lasers by Sean Goebel

16. Aurora Australis from Beerbarrel Beach by James Stone (Australia)

17. Deadvlei by Stefan Liebermann

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Review 2018 2. Namibia So far the most impressive trip of my life. This endless wideness, the amazing sun ups and downs and finally this breathtaking wooow mindblowing starry sky. It was like a dream! You really have to visit Namibia <3. Here my favorite image taken on the trip… of course Deadvlei during the night: What planet is this? It is the only planet currently known to have trees. The trees in Deadvlei, though, have been dead for over 500 years. Located in Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia (Earth), saplings grew after rainfall caused a local river to overflow, but died after sand dunes shifted to section off the river. High above and far in the distance, the band of our Milky Way Galaxy forms an arch over a large stalk in this well-timed composite image, taken last month. The soil of white clay appears to glow by reflected starlight. Rising on the left, under the Milky Way's arch, is a band of zodiacal light — sunlight reflected by dust orbiting in the inner Solar System. On the right, just above one of Earth's larger sand dunes, an astute eye can find the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our galaxy. Finding the Small Magellanic Cloud in the featured image, though, is perhaps too hard. Panorama of 13 single photos: Sony A7s | Sigma 14mm | F/1.8 | 30s | ISO 5000 #longexpoelite #milkywayscientists #sky_captures #astro_photography_ #nightphotography #earthofficial #night_shooterz #nightshooters #nightimages #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #milkywaychasers #longexposure_shots #night #night_excl #sigmaphoto #newmilkyway #nightscaper #nightskape #africageophoto #longexpo_addiction #africa #africanamazing #AFRICANature #ps_starry #explorenamibia #savetherhino #namibia #natgeo #sonyalpha @longexposure_shots @longexpoelite @longexpo_addiction @longexposure_pix

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18. The Christmas Comet by Tommy Eliassen

19. The Horsehead Nebula by Rob Mogford

20. Winner: Into the Shadow by László Francsics (Hungary)

20 Dazzling Photos From an Astronomy Photo Contest 2019 That Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

Truly amazing, aren’t they? Which of these images were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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